July 7, 2014

I was born and educated in Edinburgh but have lived a long time in London and Germany too. 

I have always loved showing people round my wonderful country and now I feel I have the best job in the world!  I also work in the City of Edinburgh’s Museums and Galleries and am passionate about Scottish art, history and architecture. I really  enjoy bringing history to life and showing how it can be seen in the landscape today.

I was introduced to Outlander by fellow guide Susan Brown, who would not stop raving about the series !  I read the first book in German and am currently working my way through the series – in-between a very busy tourist guiding season.

I am delighted to guide in English or German and am a member of a number of Outlander groups on Facebook and am looking forward to the Outlandish UK private dinner with Herself in Edinburgh in August.

Schottenfreunde sind natürlich bei uns immer wilkommen; insbesondere freuen wir uns darauf, die Gäste, die unser schönes Land noch nicht kennen, begrüssen zu dürfen.  Da ich gerne Führungen auf Deutsch mache, wäre es mir eine grosse Freude ihr Guide zu sein.


Our capital city is wonderful of course but there is so much else to see: the Highlands and Islands, Glasgow, the Borders. Take your  time and see more of our beautiful country.


See the Forth Rail Bridge, which links Edinburgh to the Highlands and North East of Scotland. This ambitious 19th century marvel is still very much in use today and for me demonstrates the pinnacle of Scotland’s engineering genius.